Openstack Swift CLI

This guide provides a few hints to help users getting started with the Openstack Swift command line client. The Openstack Swift command line client support different authentication methods, the way to use the client depends on the choice made to deploy the OpenIO Swift gateway.


TempAuth is used on test environments, it is a simple way to try Swift. You will need the Swift endpoint address and the port of the OpenIO Swift gateway (defaults to 6007). The user is defined as project:user. In OpenIO SDS example, simply check the account informations:

# swift -A -U demo:demo -K DEMO_PASS stat

Keystone (v2)

In production environments, it is recommended to use Openstack Keystone to authenticate your users. You will need the Keystone endpoint URL (port defaults to 5000) as well as a project (or tenant), username and password. It is common use to create a file keystonerc_username with the following content:

export OS_TENANT_NAME=demo
export OS_USERNAME=demo
export OS_AUTH_URL=

Source the file:

# source keystonerc_demo

You can check the account informations using the stat command:

# swift stat