Rebuild a Volume: Rawx


Find information about the service you want to rebuild. By running openio cluster list rawx you will get a list of all rawx service IDs accompanied by their volume paths.

Verify that the service was automatically scored to zero by running openio cluster list rawx.

If not, lock the score of the targeted rawx service to zero by running openio cluster lock rawx <RAWX_ID>, where RAWX_ID is the network address of the service (ip:port). This will prevent the service from receiving upload requests, and will reduce the number of download requests.

Set the incident date

Set an incident on the target rawx service by running the openio volume admin command:

# openio volume admin incident <RAWX_ID>

By default, the incident date is the current timestamp. You can change this incident date by using the parameter --date <TIMESTAMP>.

Check that the incident date is correctly set:

# openio volume admin show <RAWX_ID>

| Field         | Value           |
| volume        | |`
| incident_date | 1484517814      |

Launch rebuilding

You can now launch the rebuild by using the oio-blob-rebuilder tool:

# oio-blob-rebuilder <NAMESPACE> --volume <RAWX_ID>