Rebuild a Volume: Meta1


First, run gridinit_cmd restart @meta1; this allows you to check that meta services are up. If scores are low, the rebuilder can take a long time and can fail due to a timeout. You can check the score by running openio cluster list meta1.

Launch rebuilding

You can launch the rebuild by using the oio-meta1-rebuilder tool:

# oio-meta1-rebuilder <NAMESPACE>

14171 7FD246EFC9B0 log INFO RUN worker=0 started=2018-07-10T11:29:02 passes=1 errors=0 meta1_prefixes=1 255.49/s waiting_time=0.00 rebuilder_time=0.00 total_time=0.00 (rebuilder: 100.00%)
14171 7FD24826BCD0 log INFO DONE started=2018-07-10T11:29:02 ended=2018-07-10T11:29:06 elapsed=3.67 passes=110 errors=0 meta1_prefixes=111 30.21/s waiting_time=1.83 rebuilder_time=1.83 (rebuilder: 100.00%)


If you want more information about current rebuilding, you can change the report interval using the --report-interval option. The default value is set to 3600 seconds, but if you want a report every minute, you can launch rebuilding using oio-meta1-rebuilder --report-interval 60.

By default, rebuilding uses only one worker; you can set a number of workers using the --workers option. For example, oio-meta1-rebuilder --workers 42 launches rebuilding using 42 workers.

Workers have a limited number of prefixes to rebuild per seconds, 30 by default: the goal is to maintain the meta performance during the rebuilding. You can change this value using the --prefixes-per-seconds option. If you want to unlimit the number of prefixes to rebuild per second, you can use oio-meta1-rebuilder --prefixes-per-seconds 0.

If you want to rebuild only some containers, you can specify a file. This file must contain container prefix IDs. The prefix ID size is stored in sds.conf (meta1_digits=4). You just need to give first digits of base_name line of openio container show <container>. For example, if you want to rebuuild only container1:

# openio container show container1

| Field          | Value                                                              |
| account        | my_account                                                         |
| base_name      | 43839DACDD060FA939FAE2714A60640BDC5AFFDDBE8C494BDAB7AA994C3190A5.1 |
| bytes_usage    | 335B                                                               |
| container      | container1                                                         |
| ctime          | 1530778169                                                         |
| max_versions   | Namespace default                                                  |
| objects        | 2                                                                  |
| quota          | Namespace default                                                  |
| status         | Enabled                                                            |
| storage_policy | Namespace default                                                  |

You can specify 4383 for the file and launch rebuilding using:

# oio-meta1-rebuilder <NAMESPACE> --input-file file