OpenIO SDS is a scalable open-source object storage solution. It is compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift. Using OpenIO SDS one can easily scale its storage from a few-terabyte cluster to a multi-petabyte platform. OpenIO SDS is hardware-agnostic and can be installed on both x86 and ARM hardware.

Try using docker

# docker run -ti --tty openio/sds

For more information, check out our docker image documentation.

Try on a Raspberry PI

Check out our Raspberry PI install guide.


To install OpenIO SDS on your cluster, check out the install guide.


Check out the user guide to learn how to use OpenIO, or discover real use cases that involve OpenIO SDS.


Find out how to configure, operate, troubleshoot and manage your OpenIO SDS platform in our administration guide


OpenIO SDS is available on GitHub. This guide will help you build it.


Read about OpenIO SDS architecture and make yourself familiar with the terminology.


OpenIO comes with a set of SDKs and APIs written in different languages, which you can base your projects upon: