Audit Rawx

The rawx auditor parses every chunk to detect faulty, corrupted, and orphaned chunks.


Find information about the service you want to audit. By running openio cluster list rawx you will get the list of all rawx service ids accompanied by their volume paths.


Create a configuration file with the following template:


# Run daemon as user
user = openio

# Volume to audit
volume = <VOLUME PATH>

# Report interval (in seconds)
#report_interval = 3600

# Throttle: max bytes per second
#bytes_per_second = 100000000

# Throttle: max chunks per second
#chunks_per_second = 30

# Logging configuration
#log_level = INFO
#log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0
#log_address = /dev/log
#syslog_prefix = OIO,OPENIO,blob-auditor,1

Launch audit

You can lauch audit using configuration file with oio-blob-auditor -v <CONFIGURATION FILE> (the -v is to log to stderr in addition to syslog).

If you don’t have configuration file you can run oio-blob-auditor -v --generate-config <FILE> --namespace <NAMESPACE> --volume <VOLUME> --user <USER>

The --generate-config is to generate configuration file with namespace, volume and user given. If FILE don’t exist, it will be created, else, file content will be deleted and replace by configuration.

You can also add option on existing configuration file using --edit-config option. --daemon option can be used to run auditor as daemon

Audit example

The following trace shows an audit with an error in chunk position.

$ oio-blob-auditor auditor.cfg --generate-config --user username --namespace OPENIO --volume /home/username/.oio/sds/data/OPENIO-rawx-1 -v
28501 7FC0AB241050 log ERROR ERROR faulty chunk /home/username/.oio/sds/data/OPENIO-rawx-1/BC0/BC0140B5701B99946828CB23CB32C5DEDA77E2575A50854D618F0228B3385DAF: Invalid chunk position found
28501 7FC0AB241050 log INFO Thu Aug 16 12:09:42 2018 1 0 1 0 0 240.26 23786.22 0.00 0.000.00
28501 7FC0AB241050 log INFO 0.07 0 1 0 0 42.16 4174.28 0.07 1.00
28501 7FC0AB241050 blob-auditor INFO Daemon exited