Move a Meta2 Service


Find information about the container you want to move. By running openio container locate <container> you will get the list of all meta2 service addresses and base names. You can get list of containers using openio container list.

Launch mover

The format name is {cid}.{seq}. The cid is the container ID and seq is the ID of the sequence.

If the base name is 43839DACDD060FA939FAE2714A60640BDC5AFFDDBE8C494BDAB7AA994C3190A5.1,

the CID is 43839DACDD060FA939FAE2714A60640BDC5AFFDDBE8C494BDAB7AA994C3190A5 and the SEQ is 1.

You can launch mover by running:
# oio-meta2-mover <namespace> <CID> <IP:PORT source>


This command moves all sequences, but you can add a sequence ID to only move one sequence. The destination service is automatically selected. The command will return the bases moved.

Move to a specific destination

You can specify a destination where you want to move your container. Add the address of a destination service as a parameter; if the destination isn’t free or up, an error will occur.

# oio-meta2-mover <namespace> <CID> <IP:PORT source> <IP:PORT destination>

With a destination not free or up, the command returns:

ERROR: source service isn't used or destination service is already used for this base