Check a Directory

Check that an OpenIO namespace has been fully deployed. This checks the directory of services.

meta0 Check that meta0 services are registered on zookeeper.
meta1 Check that meta1 services are reachable.
dir Check that prefixes are reachable and are the same as prefixes on meta0, and check if meta1 services are registered on meta0.
rdir Check that all rawx services have associated rdir and check that rdir are up.


You can check if services are UP using openio cluster list

Launch check

Run oio-check-directory <NAMESPACE> <ACTION>. ACTION is a value among meta0, meta1, dir, rdir.

For example you can check meta1 on the namespace named OPENIO with:

$ oio-check-directory OPENIO meta1

The result can be:

07/09/2018 03:11:03 Catalog: Loaded 21 services
07/09/2018 03:11:03 Catalog: Loaded 21 services
07/09/2018 03:11:03 All the META1 are alive
07/09/2018 03:11:03 All the META1 have a positive score

You can use the option --catalog to check if services present in conscience are the same as services in catalog. Each line of catalog represents a service and must be formatted like Type IP PORT. You can generate a catalog using openio cluster list -c Type -c Addr -f value | tr ':' ' '