Rebuild a volume: meta2


First you must run gridinit_cmd restart @meta2, in this way you can check if meta services are up. If score are low, the rebuilder can be long and can failed due to timeout. You can check the score by running openio cluster list meta2.

Launch rebuilding

You can launch the rebuild by using the oio-meta2-rebuilder tool:

# oio-meta2-rebuilder <NAMESPACE>

24531 7F7E2D4FC690 log INFO RUN worker=0 started=2018-07-10T12:27:57 passes=1 errors=0 meta2_references=1 250.44/s waiting_time=0.00 rebuilder_time=0.00 total_time=0.00 (rebuilder: 100.00%)
24531 7F7E2E2A47D0 log INFO DONE started=2018-07-10T12:27:57 ended=2018-07-10T12:28:01 elapsed=3.26 passes=99 errors=0 meta2_references=100 30.66/s waiting_time=1.89 rebuilder_time=1.36 (rebuilder: 100.00%)


If you want to have more information about current rebuilding, you can change the report interval using --report-interval option. The default value is set to 3600 seconds, but if you want a report every minutes, you must launch rebuilding using oio-meta2-rebuilder --report-interval 60.

By default, the rebuilding use only one worker, you can give a number of worker using --workers option. For example, oio-meta2-rebuilder --workers 42 launch rebuilding using 42 workers.

The workers have a limited number of prefix to rebuild per seconds, 30 by default: the goal is to keep the meta performance during the rebuiliding. You can change this value using --prefixes-per-seconds option. If you want to unlimit the number of prefix to rebuild per seconds, you can use oio-meta2-rebuilder --prefixes-per-seconds 0.

If you want to rebuild only some containers you can give a file in argument. The base_name line of openio container show <container> is composed by {id}.{seq}. You just need to give the id part on the file. For example if you want to rebuild only this container:

# openio container show container1

| Field          | Value                                                              |
| account        | my_account                                                         |
| base_name      | 43839DACDD060FA939FAE2714A60640BDC5AFFDDBE8C494BDAB7AA994C3190A5.1 |
| bytes_usage    | 335B                                                               |
| container      | container1                                                         |
| ctime          | 1530778169                                                         |
| max_versions   | Namespace default                                                  |
| objects        | 2                                                                  |
| quota          | Namespace default                                                  |
| status         | Enabled                                                            |
| storage_policy | Namespace default                                                  |

You put 43839DACDD060FA939FAE2714A60640BDC5AFFDDBE8C494BDAB7AA994C3190A5 on file and you can launch rebuilding using.

# oio-meta2-rebuilder <NAMESPACE> --input-file file