Release Management

Version numbers

Either from the Open Source side (oio-sds, gridinit, etc.) or the close source part (OpenIO FS Architecture, Replicator Service, etc), each OpenIO subproject has its own version number. We will follow the rules defined in Openstack’s fork of Semantic Versioning.

  • Breaking changes increment the major version number,
  • Regular changes increment the minor version number,
  • Bug fixes will increment the patch version number.

A branch in the source code repository should be created for each long-term supported version, named like release-X.Y, with X and Y being the major and minor version numbers.

OpenIO distributions (aka software suites)

From time to time, we release a distribution in the form of a package repository (RPM and DEB) containing coherent versions of all subprojects. These distributions are named after the year and the month they are released (e.g. 16.04 for April 2016), as does Ubuntu. During its life, a distribution will receive only non-breaking updates of its subprojects.