Learn how to carry out basic operations on OpenIO SDS using Cyberduck.

Cyberduck is an open source client for FTP and SFTP, WebDAV, OpenStack Swift, and Amazon S3, available for MacOS and Microsoft Windows.

Cyberduck is released under the GPL license v2.0. This guide will explain how to setup this client to use OpenIO SDS 20.04.

1. Prerequisites

  • Cyberduck is installed and running.
  • Download a generic HTTP S3 profile from here.
  • OpenIO cluster is running on any oioswift node at port 6007 in HTTP, follow Multi Nodes Installation guide to install OpenIO.
“result of”
 AWS S3 summary:
   region: us-east-1
   access key: demo:demo
   secret key: DEMO_PASS
   ssl: false
   signature_version: s3v4
   path style: true

2. Steps

Add S3 authentication in Cyberduck

Click open connection, select HTTP

"cyberduck add profile"

Replace the existing AWS S3 details with your OpenIO credentials

"cyberduck dash"

Click on the connect tab to establish connection

Once the connection is established you can explore further, some of the operations are listed below.

List Bucket

"cyberduck bucket listing"

Download bucket

"cyberduck bucket download"

Mirror Bucket

"cyberduck bucket mirror"

Delete Bucket

"cyberduck bucket delete"

3. Explore Further