OpenIO releases its Open Source code under the term of variants of the GNU Public License, depending on the purpose of the code:

  • OpenIO SDS:
    • The LGPLv3 is used for all the code destined to be included in third-party applications. This is gathered under the core/ and metautils/ directories.
    • The AGPLv3 is used elsewhere, and is always related to daemons or CLI tools.
  • OpenIO Gridinit: AGPLv3
  • OpenIO Java client: LGPLv3 (GNU Lesser Public License, version 3)

Some tools have been inheritated, we honor the license and copyrights:

Compile-time dependencies

Build our C codebase relies on:

Building and testing our Java codebase depends on:

  • gradle: Apache License, Version 2
  • jetty: Apache License, Version 2
  • junit: Eclipse Public License, Version 1
  • mockito: MIT License

Building and testing our Python code requires:

Delivery Dependencies

Runtime Dependencies

The codebase written in C depends on:

The Java codebase depends on:

  • gson: Apache License, Version 2
  • log4j: Apache License, Version 2

OpenIO SDS also requires some side services to support it, all published under the terms of a public license:

Our runtime also requires the following python dependencies: