Decommission a meta1 service


Find information about the service you want to decommission. By running openio cluster list meta1 you will get the list of all meta1 service address accompanied by their volume path.

Launch decommissioning

Run openio directory decommission <IP:PORT>, the <IP:PORT> is the the address of the meta1.

Launch decommissioning on specific bases

You can also decommission only some bases. You need to get base name prefix and give them on parameter.

Run openio container locate <container> to get base name. You can find container name with openio container list The prefix is the first characters of base name. The prefix size is stored on sds.conf (example: meta1_digits=4).

For example, if the base name is 43839DACDD060FA939FAE2714A60640BDC5AFFDDBE8C494BDAB7AA994C3190A5.1 and meta1_digits is equal to 4, the prefix is 4383 With meta1 <IP:PORT> equal to, you can launch decommissioning with:

# openio directory decommission 4383

You can give more than one base on parameter.

The --replicas option is used to change the number of replicas on meta1.

You can use --min-dist option with a big enought value to be sure that the replicas are in differents servers, racks, …