S3 Compliancy

OpenIO SDS 18.04 is compliant with the most recent standards of request signatures:

In addition to traditional path-style bucket naming, OpenIO SDS also complies with host-style bucket naming as described in Virtual Hosting of Buckets.

Here is the detail of supported operations.

Common operations
GET Service
Bucket operations
DELETE Bucket analytics
DELETE Bucket cors
DELETE Bucket encryption
DELETE Bucket inventory
DELETE Bucket lifecycle
DELETE Bucket metrics
DELETE Bucket policy
DELETE Bucket replication
DELETE Bucket tagging
DELETE Bucket website
GET Bucket (List Objects) Version 2
GET Bucket accelerate
GET Bucket acl
GET Bucket analytics
GET Bucket cors
GET Bucket encryption
GET Bucket Inventory
GET Bucket lifecycle
GET Bucket location
GET Bucket logging
GET Bucket metrics
GET Bucket notification
GET Bucket Object versions
GET Bucket policy
GET Bucket replication
GET Bucket requestPayment
GET Bucket tagging
GET Bucket versioning
GET Bucket website
HEAD Bucket
List Bucket Analytics Configurations
List Bucket Inventory Configurations
List Bucket Metrics Configurations
List Multipart Uploads
PUT Bucket
PUT Bucket accelerate
PUT Bucket acl
PUT Bucket analytics
PUT Bucket cors
PUT Bucket encryption
PUT Bucket inventory
PUT Bucket lifecycle
PUT Bucket logging
PUT Bucket metrics
PUT Bucket notification
PUT Bucket policy
PUT Bucket replication
PUT Bucket requestPayment
PUT Bucket tagging
PUT Bucket versioning
PUT Bucket website
Objects operations
Delete Multiple Objects
DELETE Object tagging
GET Object
GET Object ACL
GET Object tagging
GET Object torrent
HEAD Object
OPTIONS object
POST Object
POST Object restore
PUT Object
PUT Object - Copy
PUT Object acl
PUT Object tagging
SELECT Object Content (Preview)
Multiparts objects operations
Abort Multipart Upload
Complete Multipart Upload
Initiate Multipart Upload
List Parts
Upload Part
Upload Part - Copy