Billing Service


oio-billing is part of our paid plans.

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OpenIO Billing is an HTTP service allowing to retrieve the following information for an account, useful for billing:

  • number of bytes
  • number of objects
  • incoming bandwidth
  • outgoing bandwidth
  • details of selected containers

Sample configuration file

bind_addr =
bind_port = 5000
workers = 2
log_level = INFO
log_facility = LOG_LOCAL0
log_address = /dev/log
syslog_prefix = OIO,OPENIO,billing,1

# The namespace of your OpenIO-SDS installation
sds_namespace = OPENIO
# A specific URL to join the oio-proxy, your entry point to your OpenIO-SDS
# namespace (optional)
# sds_proxy_url =

# The lists of prefixes
account_prefixes =
container_prefixes =
The SDS Namespace to serve. Example: OPENIO
sds_proxy_url (optional)
The URL of the SDS proxy. Example:
The account prefixes to search. Example: {account}-snapshot-
The container prefixes to search. Example: {user}-snapshot-


oio-billing-server <conf>