Openstack Swift APIs

Swift CLI

OpenStack Swift Client is installed inside the VM. Full documentation is available on the OpenStack website.

Connect to your VM and load the default account:

# vagrant ssh

Load the provided Swift authentication file (in the homedir)

# . keystonerc_demo

View the default account informations:

# swift stat

Create a container in your account:

# swift post my_container

List your files containers:

# swift list

Upload a file in a container:

# swift upload my_container /etc/magic

List your files in your container:

# swift list my_container

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Using the the OpenStack Swift HTTP profile, CyberDuck can connect to your Swift proxy.

  • Insert your VM IP (provided at the end of your vagrant up)
  • Default Keystone port is 5000
  • Default username is demo:demo
  • You’ll be asked for the password: DEMO_PASS

Cloud Drive

You can use ExpanDrive to mount your OpenIO Object Storage on your Windows or Mac.

  • Select OpenStack Swift Storage
  • Server address is indicated at the end of install (default port is 5000): http://IP_ADDRESS:5000/v2.0
  • Username: demo
  • Tenant: demo