Amazon AWS S3 APIs


The AWS CLI is not provided in the box, however, here are the steps to install and a basic usage. Full documentation is available on the AWS Documentation website.

Load the provided Swift authentication file (in the homedir) and create your S3 credentials, then save the AWS keys:

# . keystonerc_demo
# keystone ec2-credentials-create

Configure your AWS credentials:

# mkdir ~/.aws
# vi ~/.aws/credentials

Add the AWS client configuration:

# vi ~/.aws/config
s3 =
  max_concurrent_requests = 20
  max_queue_size = 1000
  multipart_threshold = 10GB
  multipart_chunksize = 16MB

Install awscli (use the package manager according to your Linux distribution - CentOS here):

# sudo yum -y install python-pip
# sudo pip install awscli

Put a file in your TEST_BUCKET:

# aws --endpoint-url http://localhost:6007 --no-verify-ssl s3 cp /etc/magic s3://TEST_BUCKET

List files in your bucket:

# aws --endpoint-url http://localhost:6007 --no-verify-ssl s3 ls s3://TEST_BUCKET