Get started with OpenIO

The OpenIO project is an open source cloud platform for all sizes of platforms, which aims to be easy to use, install and connect with your applications.

OpenIO provides a cloud platform built around storage for your applications, for that it provides a set of interrelated services, each service offers a dedicated API to facilitate integration.

Depending on your needs, you can install some or all services.

The following table describes the OpenIO services that make up the OpenIO Architecture:

OpenIO Services
Service Description
Conscience (Core) Manages service discovery and load balancing through realtime metrics.
Service Directory (Core) Manages stateful associations between applications backend and end users.
Object Storage Stores and retrieves unstructured data.
Indexing service Index and search documents.
Transcoding service Transcode medias (audio, video, image) in a scale out fashion.
Database service Provides a scalable and fault-tolerant Cloud Database.
Streaming service Provides HTTP adaptive streaming video functionality.


Note that Core Services are always required to run OpenIO.